Impact of UK Betting Behaviour statistics for sports betting and casino affiliates

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Impact of UK Betting Behaviour statistics for sports betting and casino affiliates

Betting Behaviour ArticleOriginal publication location: recent Graphic Paper on UK Betting Behaviour, published by Smart Live Gaming, examines the inside story of the UK’s fascination with betting. The research was intensive and evaluated the most prevalent methods of betting and gambling for both males and females across a series of age groups.Participant Age Group Breakdowns:
  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55-64
  • 65 +

These stats are beneficial when used to define and identify strategies for improving the efforts behind marketing activities and investments that target specific segments.UK males and females aged 25-34 are interested in horse racing.Top 3 most popular betting activities for UK women:

  •  Horse race betting – 50%
  •  Sports Betting (Not online) -18%
  •  Private Betting – 9%

As seen above, females across the different age groups were drawn to horse race betting more than any other form of gambling, far exceedingthe next closest vertical – sports betting. Females between the ages of 25–34 are also shown to be the most engaged age subset for horse race betting.

*Affiliates could use this information to segment their targeted audience at a more granular level.Potential opportunities for casino market affiliatesUK women, in general, appear to be undervalued by the gambling industry, which may indicate a lack of affiliates specialising in this demographic.

  • Findings from Smart Live Gaming’s most recent research-based publication, revealing trends in gambling and performance based on CRM data, suggest that women can rise to be top performers in terms of winnings-to-bet ratio.
  • Incorporate the above findings in online marketing strategies – especially when targeting  lifestyle sites with a predominantly female audience and encouraging them to evaluate their chances of succeeding with online gambling. Data suggests that women in the online gambling sector outperform men by 5% when it comes to overall winnings.

Top 3 most popular betting activities for UK men:

  •  Horse Race betting -63%
  •  Online betting with a bookmaker – 44%
  •  Sports betting (Not Online) -37%

These were the most popular online gambling activities amongst men across all age groups, with horse race betting being the most popular category for men between the ages of 25–34.

The second-most popular betting activity was online betting with a bookmaker as the category proved to be most successful with men between the ages of 25–34.Looking at opportunities that affiliates could tap into:

  • Affiliates could look at increasing online advertising through lifestyle sites dedicated to men, entertainment and sports. Unique advertising strategies across these mediums can result in more traffic to the merchant’s site.35 Male
  • Improve mobile prospecting – with 44% of men engaging in online betting through a bookmaker it’s important to understand which age groups are contributing and in what volume.
  • Evaluate specific age groups amongst men:

18–24 years (19%) – 19% of men within this age group are making this booking online

25–34 years (17%) – 17% of men within this age group are making this booking online

  • Affiliates should optimize navigation and advertising across mobile sites.
  • From an industry level – Deloitte recently pointed out that mobile will continue to be the biggest area of growth in the remote betting and gambling market. According to Deloitte’s report entitled The Future of the British Remote Betting and Gaming Industry, ‘The future is entirely mobile, with desktop being dead in five years’.

Sports bettingis most popular in the 18–24 group, specifically for men, suggesting that younger age groups appear to be gambling more.

  • This age group is filled with college students and young professionals. Affiliates should be considering where and how to grab the attention of this segment most effectively.

25–34 year olds are the most active gamblers in UKStats for both men and women’s gambling activity show that participation rates for the three categories of games were the highest in this age group.

If most active gamblers are younger working professionals, it could also be inferred that they’re more tech-savvy and likely to make use of mobile payment systems and networks, providing another opportunity for exploration in this sector.

What we can take away from the above is that affiliates need to continue to evaluate marketing strategies by segment as successful tactic will vary across different gender, age and interest groups. More specifically, when it comes to the area of sports betting, affiliates need to be mindful of the value in young professionals who appear most inclined to wager on events. Insights from the Academic and what he anticipates in terms of how the gambling sphere is likely to evolve:Betting Behavior - Prof Cashmore