Affiliate marketing

A low-risk performance-based partnership where a merchant and an affiliate share in profits.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Relationship that leverages the experience of digital marketing professionals

High value acquisition channel that only pays on results with low barriers to entry

Long-term strategy that provides access to multiple sources of traffic and prospective customers

What is an affiliate?

A third-party digital marketing professional who is paid on a performance basis for referring customers to a merchant.

What is a merchant?

A merchant is a brand looking to acquire high value lifetime customers through various marketing channels, including affiliates.

How does it work?


Why are affiliates valuable?

They act as brand ambassadors for the merchants they promote, contributing to customer acquisition and retention.An effectively managed program can account for upwards of 30% of new customers for a brand.


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Ingredients for a Successful Programme

To leverage this marketing channel, a merchant needs to have in place the following elements

1 Dedicated Program Support

Engage experienced resources to communicate with partners and strategically drive the program

2 Robust Software

Utilize a detailed tracking and reporting analytics tool

3 Flexible Commissions and Payments

Offer a wide variety of performance-based compensation models including cost per acquisition and revenue share

4 Marketing Tools & Promotions

Create targeted creative materials including landing pages and banners along with dedicated customer promotions

5 Clear Boundaries

Define detailed terms and conditions, and rules of engagement with affiliates

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affiliate marketing for your business

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