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Income Access was created to manage relationships between Affiliates and Merchants, while maintaining the privacy of its users. We understand the need to safeguard sensitive information that you have entrusted to us by using our services. Consequently, we maintain standards and procedures – outlined in this document, the Income Access Privacy Policy – designed to prevent misuse of this information. This document explains Income Access (“Income Access” “we” “our”) policies for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. The following policies are only in effect for the Web pages, newsletters and opt-in announcement lists owned and operated by Income Access. This policy forms part of, and should be read in conjunction with, our Terms and Conditions. You may contact us regarding this Privacy Policy by e-mail, or by mail at our headquarters address:

Income Access
2020 Robert-Bourassa, Suite 2330
Montreal QC H3A 2A5
Collection, Retention, and Use of Information about You

Information submitted through the electronic registration page on the Income Access site by an Affiliate is shared with the Merchant to whom the Affiliate is intending to form an affiliation; solely for the purpose of the Merchant fulfilling its obligation to Affiliate. Information submitted through the electronic Affiliate registration page on the Income Access Web site is shared with Merchants for the purpose of assessing potential affiliate partnerships and once affiliate partnerships are established, for the purpose of fulfilling merchant compensation obligations. If you have not registered or do not intend to register as a Merchant or as an Affiliate with Income Access then our privacy policy may not be directly applicable to you, as we do not collect any identifiable information from or about any user arriving at this Web site with the exception of the following users (i) persons or entities who have entered into our program as a Merchant pursuant to a legally binding written contract (“Merchant Agreement”) that is signed and physically delivered and (ii) persons or entities who have entered into our program as an Affiliate pursuant to the completion of an online contract and the acceptance of our “Terms and Conditions” prior to clicking the “submit” button. By completing the registration process, Affiliates and Merchants agree to be solicited by Merchants and Affiliates (respectively). All other personally identifiable information of Merchants and Affiliates that is provided by them during the sign-up process is retained and used by Income Access in order to serve the Affiliate and the Merchants through processes such as performance reporting and commission payments to Affiliates.

An Internet user’s browser sets Cookies (when enabled) that contain small amounts of data on the Internet User’s computer after a visit to any Web site. Cookies are used to assist merchants in the tracking Internet users’ activities originating from an Affiliate’s Web site or e-mail. If the Internet user visits or revisits an advertiser’s site directly from such Affiliate, Income Access maintains the ability to continually track the Internet user’s activities on the Merchant’s site and reward the Affiliate that referred the Internet user. The Cookies do not intentionally reveal any personally identifiable information to Income Access or the Merchant about the Internet user.
Our collection and use of information from Merchants or Affiliates

Although Income Access requires Merchants and Affiliates to adhere to Good Business Practices as a condition of membership in the Income Access Network, Income Access is not responsible for the information practices of Merchants or Affiliates. Merchants and Affiliates may collect information from or about Internet users, including personal information. The collection, use, and disclosure of information by Merchants and Affiliates is subject to their respective privacy policies, which may differ from Income Access’s Privacy Policy. If an Affiliate has been given permission by the Internet user to record personally identifiable Internet user data (e.g. through special promotions) the anonymous Internet user data may be coded by an Affiliate to enable the Affiliate to generate personally identifiable Internet user data. Under the foregoing circumstances, the information remains anonymous to Income Access. In the event Income Access does receive and record partial email addresses of Internet users, only in circumstances where the Internet user has voluntarily provided his or her identity and contact information through the Merchant’s Web site or Affiliate’s Web site. In no way does this enable Income Access to personally identify an Internet user.
Security Measures

This Web site employs industry standard security measures and furthermore takes every precaution to protect information users have voluntary submitted to Income Access. When an Affiliate or a Merchant submits sensitive information via the Web site, the information is protected both online and offline. All Affiliate and merchant data is only accessible via password-protected Affiliate and Merchant account IDs. Each Merchant and Affiliate is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his or her own password used for accessing its accounts on the Income Access Network.
Restrictions on Disclosing Information to Parties outside Our Company

Income Access is acting as an intermediary between the Merchant and the Affiliate. Therefore Merchants and Affiliates, and not Income Access, are responsible for their own privacy polices and for maintaining privacy and confidentiality for all information Income Access provides them. If a user has any questions or concerns about the privacy policies of those parties, it must contact such parties. Income Access does not sell, rent or transfer personally identifying information. Income Access does not disclose personally identifying information that it is not authorized to do so, with the exception of (i) being compelled to do so by proper judicial or governmental authorities, or (ii) selling or transferring ownership, operation or control of any or all of our company that is directly related to the necessary function and maintenance of the Affiliate Network or engages any subcontractor or agent to operate any part of it affiliate management services.
Account Number and Password

It is the responsibility of each Affiliate and Merchant to keep personal account numbers and password confidential. Income Access is not liable for an account that has been used without the authority of the registered user, as a result of disclosing their account number and password.
Protecting Children with COPPA

Income Access is committed to complying with the provisions of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and the Rules and Regulations made pursuant thereto. Income Access will not knowingly allow any one under the age of 18 to become an Affiliate. Furthermore Income Access obliges its Affiliates and Merchants to comply fully with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.
Spam and Email lists

Income Access does not intentionally send unsolicited email messages that could be construed as spam Affiliates and Merchants’ actions are carefully scrutinized and each Affiliate and Merchant is expected to adhere to Income Access’ anti-spam policy.
Our Maintenance of Accurate Information

This site provides Merchants and Affiliates with options for updating or removing their information from our database to cancel future communications, to no longer receive our service, or to change their information on our database. Each Merchant and Affiliate may view, modify or cancel the information that was provided during sign-up, with the knowledge that modified information may be shared or distributed according to Income Access’ Privacy Policy.
Your Consent to This Agreement

Using this Web site or Income Access’ services constitutes acceptance of these terms and your consent to the collection and use of information by Income Access as specified above. If you do not agree with these policies, please cease using this site immediately.
Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Income Access may find it necessary or be legally obligated to update this Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice to or the consent of any person. Any changes will be posted at this site. Except as otherwise required by law, modifications to this Privacy Policy will not affect the privacy of data collected by Income Access prior to the effective date of the policy change.

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