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marketing and software

About us

Income Access is a digital marketing agency with proprietary technology. We specialise in affiliate marketing, other digital marketing services and provide a robust affiliate software.

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Meet the industry’s pioneers and market leaders in iGaming affiliate services, software and digital marketing

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Then and now

Founded in Montreal, Canada in 2002

Income Access is the longest-standing independent iGaming affiliate network.

Initially Focusing on Niche Markets

We have since expanded to over 50 markets all over the globe; solidifying our position as a leader in iGaming, forex, lottery and other industries

We are Partnered With Over 300 Brands

We are also integrated with more than 25 software providers and connected with over 25,000 key affiliates and publishers.

We are a winning affiliate marketing solution


Since our inception, we have been the recipient of numerous industry awards, including Best Affiliate Software Supplier and Acquisition & Retention Partner of the Year.

Our business is not all that is award-winning, our people are too! Recently, our employees have been recognized for their work and success, receiving awards such as multiple Stevies and Affiliate Manager of the Year.

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We are experts in our field and are here to help your business succeed


It is our goal to help our clients take their business to the next level and grow through digital marketing. At Income Access, we are not just an affiliate software company, a digital marketing agency, or an affiliate network – we are all three in one. By using our own technology, we can better understand the needs of our clients and set ourselves apart.