iGaming in Australia: An Overview of an Emerging Market

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When major iGaming markets are discussed, typically there’s a ton of discussion around Europe, the Americas and Asia. However, there always seems to be one major market left out that is experiencing rapid growth and that’s taking place down under in Australia!

For the uninitiated, Australia is already one of the larger iGaming markets worldwide, enjoying over $9 billion USD in revenue during 2022, which that number projected to increase to nearly $14 billion USD by the year 2027.

With that in mind, we break down the Australian iGaming market for affiliates and operators who are curious about the area, along with providing helpful tips and tricks to connect with their massive audience.

To get added insight into the area, we spoke with Jamie Fortunaso, Online Marketing Manager at Picklebet to get his thoughts. If you’re an affiliate in the market and would like to connect with Picklebet, click on the link below to see how you can work together:

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Australian iGaming Overview

Australia operates somewhat similarly to the US, with each individual territory and state within Australia regulating gambling differently. Unlike the US, all 8 states have regulated elements of online gambling, making it legal country wide, with the primary focus being on sports betting and horse racing. However, they’ve taken a stricter approach towards online gambling than other markets, with casino, in-game betting and slots being considered illegal.

Affiliates are under the microscope in the market at the moment as well, with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) looking into them over the course of 2021-22. In particular, it’s mentioned that the ACMA is worried that “there are ‘information gaps’ about how affiliates are accessing and influencing rates of gambling and problem gambling in Australia, how they are circumventing existing restrictions, and how these efforts can be further reduced.”

When we spoke with Fortunaso of Picklebet about the market’s overview, he also noted that the “tight regulations around marketing and advertising make user acquisition and retention very challenging. In the Australian market, promotional materials cannot incorporate deposit bonuses or similar incentives. Consequently, a distinct approach and mindset are necessary to attract new customers. This situation presents a fresh approach for collaborating with affiliates or partners, which may not be leveraged as extensively in other gambling jurisdictions for customer acquisition strategies.”

Australia iGaming Audience

The audience is certainly growing in the area, as the ACMA noted that 11% of Australians have participated with online gambling, which is up from 8% in 2020. This has led to projections of having 7.3 million users by 2027 in the area. While sports like soccer, basketball and rugby are popular in Australia, along with the rest of the world, they also have Aussie Rules Football, which is massively popular in the area without having much worldwide appeal.

Picklebet’s Fortunaso echoed this passion for sport in the area, saying “the Australian market is unique due to the number of gamblers per capita, as we have the most in the world. Which is no surprise considering we love our sport and host some of the biggest sporting events in the world - both local and international. For example, the Melbourne Cup, Grand Prix, and test cricket. While domestic sports like AFL and Rugby League (NRL) rule the landscape on a weekly basis.”

Popular Marketing Strategies

With a massive population and many brands in the area, what can brands do to standout from competitors and increase their visibility? Picklebet’s Fortunaso believe that “with the number of competitors in the space it is important for a gambling company to have unique offerings such as software and customer service to stand out from the competition.”

There’s also been advances with VR gaming in Australia and it’s sharply increasing in popularity, making it something for operators to look to offer their users. Not many are offering VR gambling options yet, so brands that can take advantage of this emerging playstyle may benefit.

On the affiliate side, social media and streaming are becoming more popular means of connecting with users for affiliates in the area according to ACMA’s report, meaning affiliates can potentially look to these channels to connect with users and guide them to the right brands.

For both operators and affiliates who are working in the area, sports betting is one of the few legal verticals for Australia, meaning it should be a massive focus of marketing materials. There should be special focus on local teams for sports like soccer, along with unique sports to the area like Aussie Rules Football.

Going Forward

Australia is one of the most exciting markets in the iGaming world and they will only continue to grow going forward. Picklebet’s Fortunaso agrees, saying “The Australian gambling market is the third largest in the world, even with a comparatively smaller population. As for the future, all the key metrics around bet numbers and competitors in the space suggest it's only going to keep growing - despite tighter regulations and government taxes.”

Brands and affiliates need to work together to connect with users, focusing on creating added value for customers and keeping them engaged.

If you’re an affiliate in the market and would like to connect with Picklebet, click on the link below to see how you can work together:

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