The New Slotser Affiliate Programme is Here!

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The team at Income Access is happy to introduce the newest addition to the Income Access Network: the Slotser Affiliate Programme!

Think of the last time you went to the casino. I can bet you any money that most of you went to celebrate a bachelor party, ring in the New Year, or hang out with friends. In general, online casinos have been unable to cash-in on this social aspect to gambling, something that their brick-and-mortar counterparts have had down pat for centuries.

Enter Slotser

Slotser is a new kind of iGaming site, where players can enjoy the convenience and variety of traditional online slot games, all while being part of a friendly and social environment.

The whole vision behind Slotser was to create a welcoming ambiance, where members can really feel like they are part of a community. Having great games is only part of appeal, with the exceptionally fun environment really being the cherry on top!

What really sets Slotser apart from most social gaming brands is that their players can receive rewards on the site by using level up features. Players can also send free chips and free spins to their friends and have a chance to play for real money! 

The Slotser Affiliate Programme Wants You!

Slotser is like a breath of fresh air with its cool games and interesting style. Promoting a site that encourages social relationships can be a smart way to engage your players. To top it off, Slotser is offering affiliates an appealing 35% Flat Revenue Share!


To take part in this fun, new programme, simply log in to your Income Access Account and click through My Account > Apply to a New Merchant to register today.

Not a member yet? Not to worry! Join the Slotser Affiliate Programme here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Slotser Affiliate Team.