Manager: Wei Zhang

Our goals this year

Improve financial results, enhance control in finance workflow to achieve service excellence, strategic budgeting for 2020, timely and accurate financial closing, and improve return on investment and EBITA.

What we do

In the spirit of excellence, integrity, and dedication, the Accounting department is committed to providing timely, accurate, and clear financial information and support to other departments, client, and suppliers. As well as the overall growth of Income Access.

How we do it

Our main functions include accounts payable, billing, accounts receivable, affiliate payments, financial reporting, budgeting/projection, and maintaining financial controls.

Department Members


Xiuyun Zheng

Senior Accounting Technician

Ye Wang

Ye Wang

Accounting Technician


In a small team like ours the Controller mainly does reporting but also gets involved with other functions.

Key responsibilities include financial analysis, reporting, budgeting, team training, internal process control, documentation, government reporting, auditing, and grant applications.

Senior Accounting Technician

This role is to manage daily departmental operational tasks. This includes, accounts payable, affiliate payments, merchant communication, banking communication, and fund transfer.
This role also supports month end closing including, account reconciliation, monthly sales tax filling, and audits.

Accounting Technician

This role’s key responsibilities are accounts receivable and billing.

This role also interacts with the client facing teams a lot regarding client billing and collection status. They will also lend support on other projects as needed.