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Serve your ads through a comprehensive tool that is built into your Income Access acquisition tracking platform for complete end-to-end tracking and reporting. Create targeted digital marketing campaign strategies, and see the attribution path of your customer from first click to last transaction for the players’ lifetime.

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Get targeted with your ads

Target your priority customers by city, day, time, browser settings, device, and language.

Optimise your digital ads through targeted landing page strategies, media strategies, and A/B testing to see what works best.


Track campaigns across multiple channels

Track and report all of your acquisition channels all in one place. Compare online, offline and mobile campaigns, and multiple media platforms, such as media buys, organic search, PPC, affiliates, and bonus codes.

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Manage your digital marketing creative assets in a single interface

Easily upload creative assets in bulk. Set up special banners and promotions for targeted groups of affiliates. Update your ad campaigns with automatic banner replacement on selected affiliate and media partner sites. Modify the landing page, image, text, status, group, and HTML.


End-to-end tracking and reporting

See each player’s conversion path, from first click, to last transaction. Easily identify top-performing channels, to best optimise your marketing spend. Combine traffic analytics with post-transaction data to measure key performance indicators, and see highest-value and highest-volume driving campaigns, channels, and creative assets.

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Provide your affiliates with targeted campaigns

Save your affiliates time and effort by creating pre-targeted ads to best convert their traffic. Mobile affiliates can access mobile-optimised tracking links, by device and operating system. Affiliates in multiple jurisdictions will offer ads based on geographic region, language, and browser settings.

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