Media Buys

    • Display and online content marketing are more important than ever, on web, mobile, and in-app in the digital advertising industry. Position your brand both as a leader and acquire high volumes of new customers quickly in your target market(s) by appearing on high traffic sources through audience driven campaigns. This ensures that you’re focusing on exactly who you want to sign up and deposit with you.

      The media buying team at Income Access has an extensive 18-year history in the global iGaming industry and understand best practices in paid media marketing to support your digital advertising strategy.

How we can help | We have long-standing relationships with thousands of key traffic sources including ad networks, real time bidding (RTB) exchanges, affiliate networks, individual publishers, email marketing companies and industry publications that can help drive quality customers to your brand on a variety of different cost models.

We’re a value-driven team that creates impactful media campaigns to both increase conversion rates and acquire high-value customers. Our general campaign strategy is to begin by spending small amounts of the overall budget and then optimise to ensure the acquisition sources chosen deliver optimal results.

Key Benefits

Access real-time bidding exchanges to save CPM spend and target your priority audiences
Improve your brand reach through direct buy campaigns with strategic partners
Allocate your acquisition spend strategically with efficient testing and campaign scale
Ensure profitability with your media spend through data-driven targeting and retargeting
Access information on the performance of your campaigns through our fully transparent ad-serving platform

Get smart with your paid media efforts.

Sarafina Wolde Gabriel

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