The 3 C’s of Data Centralization

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As a cutting-edge affiliate marketer, you manage and analyse a multitude of channels in order to get your message out to your customers and soon-to-be customers. It can be challenging to track all of the gears in your marketing machine, and centralization is a great way to keep your acquisition programme organised. Here at Income Access, we’ve brainstormed some key aspects of your programme that can be centralized with your Income Access Ad Serving tool: the 3 C’s!


Having access to many channels is a great asset for a marketer. It is also the main reason why centralization is needed – a person can’t be in two places at once, and neither can a fully-engaged marketing mind. One useful step in managing your marketing efforts is to categorize your marketer (affiliate) profiles by channel, depending on the marketing strategies implemented by each affiliate. This way, when you look at information and reports on affiliate performance, you will also be gaining insight into the effectiveness of your various channels, such as mobile ads, organic search, and PPC, among others.


Creatives are the meat of your marketing efforts. They’re the delivery system for your messaging, consumed by your customers, and (optimally!) the driver of many of your conversions. With a centralized system like the Income Access Ad Serving tool, you can set your creatives to be useable over specific channels. For example, you can create one ad to be accessible to your PPC and mobile channels, and not to organic search. This allows you to easily re-use creatives that are optimally adapted to certain channels, while at the same time manage creatives that are meant for alternative mediums.


Perhaps the most important part of centralization, campaigns materialize only when your creatives and channels are strategically combined. Within a single platform, it is easy to group your ads not only by channel, but also by campaign. For instance, if you have distinct creatives for each of your mobile, PPC, and search channels that all have cohesive messaging, it is possible to group and manage them as a single campaign. Not only does this make campaign organization a simple process, it also allows for greater control over how your affiliates market your brand. By essentially pre-building campaigns for your affiliates, you ensure that your creatives are being used to maximum effect.Want more information on how Ad Serving can centralize your marketing efforts? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.