Survey Report Summary (Part 1): Mobile Traffic & Optimisation

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Income Access invited industry affiliates to participate in a survey covering a range of topics, including mobile traffic, advertising models, markets of interest, industry-wide tech focuses and more. Today, we take a closer look at the survey results that pertain to mobile traffic and optimisation. The resulting report, State of Play: iGaming's Affiliate Marketing Industry, can now be viewed in its entirety on our Content Hub.


Devising a strategy that reflects the growing importance of mobile optimisation has become a necessity in the iGaming industry. Our recent affiliate survey supports this statement as 86% of respondents said that they have a mobile-optimised website.

The significance of enhancing one’s mobile awareness and expertise is also highlighted in a recent Statista chart entitled The World Going Digital. The chart shows that in a global population of 7.6 billion, there are 5.1 billion unique mobile phone users and 3 billion active mobile social users each month.

One of our most notable observations from the survey was the 39% of affiliates who said that more than 50% of their traffic arrives from mobile devices. When comparing this figure to a Mobile Acquisition Survey that Income Access conducted in 2015, which had a comparable sample size, we saw a 97% increase in the number of affiliates who fell into this category.

As can be seen in the below graph, the most popular choice was from the 23% who said that between 41% and 50% of their traffic came from mobile devices.

App Appreciation

Another result that suggests affiliates are going the extra mile when it comes to engaging their audience is the 13% of respondents who said that they have both a mobile-optimised site and an app. Only 10% said that they have neither an app or a mobile-optimised site. Digging a little deeper, we found that 43% of respondents with an app said that they generate 51 or more installs per month, while 44% said that they generate 25 or fewer installs per month.

Further segmentation showed that 15% of respondents are app-only affiliates with 14% identifying as Twitter-only affiliates. Of those Twitter-only affiliates, 41% said that they acquire 50 or more new followers each month. The most popular segment selection, however, was from the 33% of Twitter affiliates who said they average 25 or fewer followers per month.

Watch this space for more survey summaries as our next entry will focus on survey results pertaining to Target Markets & Verticals of Focus.