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In our first Meet the IA Team blog post of 2018, we speak to Affiliate Marketing Coordinator MichaelAngelo Angana. MichaelAngelo manages the CASHPOINT affiliate programme, which also covers the XTiP brand, and has been shortlisted under the ‘Best Sports Betting Affiliate Programme’ category at next month’s iGB Affiliate Awards.

MichaelAngelo discusses what it’s like to manage brands in the German, Austrian, Danish and UK markets, along with his day-to-day activities and what he enjoys doing outside of the office.

Name: MichaelAngelo AnganaPosition: Affiliate Marketing CoordinatorBackground: MichaelAngelo joined the Income Access team in July 2016 as an Account Manager, and became an Affiliate Marketing Coordinator last June. Alongside his weekday endeavours with the IA team, MichaelAngelo also owns a photo booth business with one of his friends.

How do you best utilise your time in the morning and afternoon? Up until noon, much of my day focuses on client and affiliate communications. Due to the time difference between the Montreal head office where I’m based and Europe, it’s important to check my emails as soon as I get in and respond to the most urgent ones. I also check the affiliate programme’s statistics. If they’re positive or negative, it’s really important to understand why.

The afternoon is always about preparing for the next day and attending to the lower-priority tasks from the morning. Splitting my day in half helps with both organisation and client management.The CASHPOINT and XTiP brands operate in four different markets: Denmark, Germany, Austria and the UK. How do they differ from one another? Their marketing materials differ greatly. For example, if a site from Germany wants to use a German banner, the same one can’t be used in the other markets and needs to be translated accordingly. We want to cater to all of our affiliates, so always do that extra bit of work to ensure they are.

The brands’ sites and offerings are actually quite similar. The targeted geographical location of each is the only main difference. For example, CASHPOINT’s Austrian brand and the site focus more on Germany’s Bundesliga soccer matches than English Premier League ones, and vice versa with

Get to know MichaelAngelo!

You started a photo booth business, HK Production Services…Tell us a bit about that and how the idea came to fruition? A lot of my friends got into photography a couple of years ago. They kept inviting me to photoshoots with their friends to learn new skills and enhance their technique, along with inviting me to events such as weddings and birthday parties.


My business school background meant that I saw an opportunity to provide a service alongside theirs, rather than compete against it, to leverage their network. I saw a photo booth at around five of the weddings I visited, so I enquired about price and logistics.

My business partner and I bought our own photo booth after that, and got a website up-and-running. Through doing more events, more people enquired and it went from there.Alongside your business, what are your other favourite hobbies? I go to the gym three to four times a week, and generally try to live a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to this, I recently started taking kickboxing classes. It’s been a couple of months since I started, and, while it was challenging at first, I’ve improved and look forward to continuing to do so. At the moment I’m focusing on individual sports, because they fit well into my weekly routine. On the flip side, I do my fair share of partying which balances out the above.

Speed Round! What’s your favourite…


  • Sport – American football
  • Food – Sushi
  • Movie – Pearl Harbour
  • Music Artists – Drake & The Weeknd
  • Animal – Bear

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