For our latest Meet the IA Team article where we hope to give you more insight into our team, we’ll be speaking with Affiliate Marketing Coordinator, Jillian Toy. She discusses what’s unique about working at Income Access, what she’s been able to apply from school and how she enjoys spending her off-time.

Name: Jillian Toy

Position: Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

Background: Jillian graduated from the John Molson School of Business in April of 2020 with a major in Marketing, before joining the IA Marketing Team as an affiliate marketing coordinator. Before this, she was a Marketing & Sales coordinator for Securo Group, a Montreal based security company, and spent six years working with the Aldo Group, while she went to school.

Jillian Shares Her Experience at IA

As a graduate in Marketing at Concordia University, what’s something you learned in school that’s helped you so far as an Affiliate Marketer? What’s been a surprise for you?

I’d say the communication and team working skills. In school, we were required to do many group projects, where teamwork and communication were key to success. As an affiliate marketer, these skills have been equally valuable! I communicate with clients, affiliates and team members daily, so good communication is so important in this role and is key to building long-lasting relationships. We also work closely as a team, so it’s important to help one another out where we can and share our experiences to ensure the successful growth for our clients.

In terms of surprises, I would say just how big the affiliate network is! We deal with a variety of people, located in different parts of the world and it’s been incredibly interesting to see how unique each affiliate partner can be!

What does a typical day in the life of an Affiliate Marketing Coordinator look like?

A day in the life of an affiliate marketing coordinator can be quite busy! I’ll typically start off my day by checking emails and Skype messages and responding to any urgent requests. As I am based in Montreal and our clients are all over the world, most of my client and affiliate calls take place in the morning. I have weekly calls with clients to go over key affiliate program statistics, growth strategies, and any open items regarding affiliate recruitment, activation or any other ongoing conversations.

My afternoons usually consist of recruitment efforts and relationship building with our affiliate partners, putting together monthly reports for my clients, answering any client and affiliate requests that pop up throughout the day and focusing my efforts on the successful growth of each client’s affiliate program! Of course, every day can be very different, but these are the main tasks we do daily.

IA is lucky to be able to work with a variety of exciting brands in the iGaming space. What stands out about the brands you’re working with?

Absolutely! I think the main thing that stands out about the brands I work with is simply how unique each one is, as each brand has different markets and verticals that they target, unique products and different selling points that make them stand out. Also, we sometimes help with marketing integrations for new brands, which gives us the opportunity to work with new clients aside from our own for a few weeks, allowing us to explore brands in different territories and with different product offerings.

Get to Know Jill!

Are there any fun facts about yourself that you would like to share?

I’m terrified of birds, I LOVE cardio, and I don’t like watching movies!

What does a typical weekend look like for you?

A typical weekend usually consists of relaxing and unwinding from a busy week. I’ll usually spend time getting organized for the next week, with family and friends (and their dogs 😊) and exploring new places and restaurants. I also love to hike, so when the weather’s nice, chances are you’ll find me on a mountain somewhere!

Tell us about some of the hobbies you are most passionate about!

I’m an extremely active person, so I love anything that gets me up and moving. Staying active is so important to me and is probably my main way to destress. I love to hike and play sports, mainly soccer and hockey, and to train at my kickboxing gym. I also love to read and travel!

Speed Round!

Food: Sushi & Tacos

TV Show: Friends

Sport: Soccer & Hockey, can’t pick!

Animal: 100% a dog person!

Musical artist: Half Moon Run

A big thank you for reading our latest Meet the IA Team post and stay tuned for future profiles on our terrific team!

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