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Back in December of 2008, BunnyBingo launched its affiliate program on the Income Access affiliate marketing software. A bingo, slots and scratchcard website in the UK, it offers its affiliates a choice of revenue share, CPA, or hybrid commission structures.

Well, we recently had the pleasure of interviewing their President and CEO, Shaun Measday, about his affiliate strategy. Shaun took the time to discuss his own, personal experience with affiliate marketing, where he sees it fitting in to the overall BunnyBingo marketing strategy, and how BunnyBingo manages their program.

What was really interesting about Shaun’s comments, though, was just how open he was. From a great sense of humour to openly inviting affiliates to tell him what else BunnyBingo could do, Shaun put out a down-to-earth vibe that’s rare among corporate executives.Erica Anderson: How long have you been in Affiliate Marketing and what would you say has been your greatest success, and greatest challenge?Shaun Measday: I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for about 7 years now, on both sides of the fence (which I think definitely helps). I would say my greatest success was, and will probably always be, my first commission cheque for £18.93!! lol!! I’m sure everyone who has ever started out as an affiliate can identify with that feeling when you realize you have actually made some money.

In terms of failures – well, there’s been plenty of them, but I would honestly say the biggest lesson I have learned is to trust what I know, rather than paying through the nose for someone else to do the same job – but worse. Does that make sense?EA: How valuable are affiliates to your overall online marketing strategy?SM: Incredibly valuable. Affiliates are some of the most talented and knowledgeable webmasters in the world. They also have some of the most innovative marketing ideas. In a competitive market like Bingo, not embracing and working with affiliates would be just plain stupid. And you know what, I make no bones about it. Socializing and getting to know our affiliates is a great part of the job.

I would finish this question off with the statement that affiliates will become increasingly important to [BunnyBingo], and the [entire] Bingo industry over the forthcoming years.EA: What percentage of your overall customer acquisition do you aim to get from your affiliate programme?SM: Lol – I’d rather not reveal that, but I will go on record as saying it’s a sizeable chunk of our mix.EA: What percentage of your total online marketing budget goes towards your affiliate programme.SM: Lol – same answer as for question 3!EA: From your experience, what motivates affiliates to promote your brand more prominently?SM: Great question, because I don’t think there’s one answer to it. Yes money and rewards help, and ultimately everyone is trying to make a living and build sustainable businesses. But in some ways, I think this has almost got to be a given. I think going the extra mile, providing affiliates with the tools they need, proactively helping them, working closely with them, listening to their idea’s and making those idea’s come to fruition, updating creative, providing them with stats and service they need – all this is what helps. I’d love to hear from affiliates what else we can do! is a U.K. based bingo, slots and scratchcard website powered by Virtue Fusion gaming software. The site aims to attract a community of new players with a 125% deposit bonus, 1-pence bingo hours and a celebrity news and gossip section. Affiliates can take advantage of Bunny Bingo’s flexible program by choosing to earn commission as a £30 CPA, revenue share of 30%, or a hybrid of both £20 CPA with 20% revenue share for all new players referred. For more information and to sign-up, please visit the affiliate page affiliates or contact us at