The past year has been key for Income Access, with the rollout of multiple key upgrades and updates that were rolled out to our award-winning platform throughout it. These enhancements are designed to improve the overall experience of iGaming operators and affiliates by focusing on core functionality such as navigation, mobile responsiveness, report display and user empowerment.

The upgrades are, which have been released across all affiliate programmes, reflect our ongoing efforts to gather and respond to constructive feedback provided to us by our partners. With changes that address the need for a more streamlined, responsive and informative set of tools, Income Access can now equip operators and their affiliates with an interface that supports an intuitive user experience and facilitates their assessment of actionable data.

Reports Interface Update

Reports Interface Update

It’s important for marketing software companies to continually optimise and improve the user interface and experience of the tools and features of their system reports, to keep up with the everchanging technological landscape. To remain in line with this and provide our clients and their affiliates with the best experience, last year, we made upgrades to all of our platform’s key reports.

These user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) updates on both the admin and affiliate portals consisted of additional filtering and data grid capabilities, including:

  • Character by character auto suggest
  • Ability to hide and unhide the report columns
  • Ability to lock and re-order the report columns

These updates all contribute to major improvements of our system report’s look, feel and responsiveness, resulting in a better overall experience.

Dashboard User Interface Uplift

Dashboard Uplift

Responding to the needs of our clients and building on the improvements rolled out to our reports is the uplift that was made to our dashboard interface. Keeping in mind that the dashboard is the hub of our clients and their affiliates’ interactions with our platform, we made updates with the objective of improving the dashboard’s look and feel, responsiveness, tablet-friendliness and readability.

Now even more compatible with display sizes across smartphones and tablets, these upgrades greatly simplify dashboard navigation and the retrieval of:

  • Top-level campaign results
  • Statistical insights
  • Messages
  • Best performing creatives

Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre Overhaul

We kicked off 2021 with a major development to our platform, which aims to empower users to better understand and utilise the wide variety of powerful functionality available in our platform. This was the complete rehaul of our in-platform Knowledge Centre, consisting of the implementation of a completely new platform with an intuitive interface as well as updated and expanded content.

In addition to having improved and updated documentation on how to use the platform, this enhancement brings a number of key benefits to users, such as:

  • Easy navigation, with articles organised by module
  • A search bar that enables users to locate information quickly
  • Tags to identify new or updated articles, allowing users to easily find new content
  • Advanced article readability options
  • Rating and comment options under each article for user feedback

These latest upgrades to the Income Access affiliate software are a real testament to our team’s commitment to providing our partners with optimal solutions to meet their needs. In crafting solutions for an evolving client base that extends beyond traditional iGaming, it is important for us to proactively address emerging challenges and expectations, and we look forward to continuing to develop our product and announcing future releases during the coming year.

Please contact Income Access for any additional inquiries regarding our latest updates.