Affiliate Q&A – Joshua Stevens, Head of Data Analysis at BestOdds

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For our latest Affiliate Q&A, we had the pleasure of meeting with Joshua Stevens, Head of Data Analysis at BestOdds, an emerging affiliate that focuses on helping users find the best odds possible! In this piece, we cover what makes BestOdds unique, how Joshua breaks down data for content pieces and much more.

Income Access (IA): Thanks for speaking with us Joshua! Can you tell us a bit about your background in the iGaming industry and current role with BestOdds?

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Joshua Stevens (JS): Thanks for having me! To be honest, I stumbled into this industry by accident. I was working on another project with one of our founders and he took me on board for BestOdds, which I’m quite happy he did! After working here for over a year now, I've come to love the combination of sports and data. Jumping on during the explosive growth of sports betting and being able to work with the amazing people on our team make this an exciting industry to be in. My current role is split into two parts: one is focused on our website’s content/SEO and the other on sports data journalism.

IA: Run us through a typical week for a Head of Data Analysis. What are some common challenges you face?

JS: My week starts off by getting together with our lead writer, Malcolm Darnley, to discuss ideas for the weekly newsletter we publish. From there, it's on to data collection, data crunching and then ultimately, analysis. If we are lucky, we can find a story for the newsletter. Otherwise, we repeat the process. Of course, the challenge here is finding nuggets that are beneficial to our viewers. We want to provide users with info that is actionable, not just provide historical stats that are hard to make decisions based on. The rest of my time is spent looking at traffic on our website, seeing which content is performing well or needs to be adapted, building out new content and SEO.

IA: As Head of Data Analysis, you need to do analysis on a variety of different sports. Are there any you prefer analyzing? Any that prove more difficult?

JS: I wouldn't say that I strongly prefer diving into any specific sport. The more I know about a sport, the more fun it can be to go into depth. Although, I am definitely looking forward to the NFL season again because every game is so impactful. As the sports calendar is constantly changing, the kinds of sports I analyze also change, which keeps things fresh. Really, each sport has great stories that need to be uncovered.

IA: What resources do you use to compile your data before crunching it?

JS: For now, I’ve been using some free resources online to grab game-level data and our own odds comparison tool. Anyone can hunt around and find quality data out there, but one resource I’d highly recommend is the BetIQ tool from our friends at TeamRankings. From there, it's just a matter of connecting it to Excel, running it through pivot tables and building charts. Of course, it can get a lot more complicated, but this type of analysis is the most accessible for the average bettor.BestOdds Logo

IA: BestOdds is focused on offering users the ultimate tool to ensure they’re always getting the best deal! Can you let us know about anything exciting happening on your end to continue pushing that forward?

JS: Without revealing too much yet, we are working on an exciting V2 of the website. We’ve listened to what our US audience wants and are proud to soon present BestOdds with improved UX, speed, additional features and educational content. Of course, we are obsessed with the impact of odds shopping as sport bettors ourselves, so we’ve developed a unique way to present the Best Odds, including a parlay builder! I’m confident we will be THE destination for not only US, but also Canadian bettors. Having put a lot of work into our tech and user interface, I can guarantee V2 of BestOdds will not be your typical affiliate site.


For more information on BestOdds or to discuss a partnership opportunity, contact Joshua and the team today.

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