White Label Affiliate Software


Income Access’ White Label Affiliate Software provides operators with a multi-faceted platform for tracking and analytics. The award-winning affiliate tracking software is intuitive, fully customisable, multilingual and rapidly integrated.

Key Benefits of Affiliate Software

Income Access’ affiliate marketing software has an array of benefits:

  • Provides vital information for the efficient allocation of affiliate marketing resources
  • Offers data-rich reports for all verticals
  • Enables management of all affiliate marketing campaigns (online, offline and mobile marketing)
  • Facilitates the launch of affiliate programmes for the iGaming, lottery and financial-trading industries
  • Streamlines affiliate management
  • Affiliate marketing software also tracks all acquisition channels (online, offline and mobile) from a single location
  • In addition, the platform grants access to a multitude of reports for ROI assessment and improvement.

Key Features of Affiliate Software

Affiliate & Marketing Partner Management

Income Access’ affiliate software provides easy access to all of your affiliates’ vital information, including: contact details, IP login, registration and login dates, commissions, website and campaign profiles, as well as creative materials

Affiliate Communication

The integrated affiliate communication system has a wide range of capabilities, such as internal and external mailboxes, an emailing tool, message-of-the-day alerts and mailing lists.

Reports and Statistics

Income Access’ affiliate software is equipped with a complete suite of reporting features. Statistics for individual or groups of affiliates can be displayed, as well as players, creative materials and payments.

Report customisations include: clicks, impressions, registrations, new depositing players, conversion ratios, deposits, revenue, product level revenue, commissions generated, player ID, player username, player country and player transaction history.

Data can be viewed in-system, and sent by email or via API. Reports can be exported into XML, CSV and HTML.


The commission options featured in Income Access’ affiliate software are fully flexible. Options include: tiered and flat revenue share, flat and tiered CPA, referral commissions, or a hybrid of these. Create special commission groups for specific affiliates in addition to self-reporting.

Banners and Links

The affiliate tracking software supports a wide range of marketing tools, including: banners (static and flash), text links, JavaScript, Connextra, and iFrames. Creative materials can be easily updated, replaced and disabled.

Payment Processing and Management

The software facilitates the rapid processing of payments via a simple and intuitive module that fully integrates payment reports, accounting spreadsheets and even invoice generation.


Access the affiliate software with unlimited user logins through three separate interfaces: administrators, merchants and affiliates. The logins can be limited by customisable security roles and user accounts.

System Customisation

Fully customise your platform to better suit your business. Customisations include the ability to:

  •  Translate affiliate interface into an unlimited number of languages, allowing affiliates to select their preferred language of display
  •  Customise all keywords (admin as well as affiliate interface)
  •  Hide or show columns based on operator preference (admin and affiliate interface)
  •  Direct Income Access Development Team to create custom reports to meet your business needs
Central STATion

This software feature allows you to raise the visibility and exposure of your affiliate programme. You can easily opt-in and get exposure within the Income Access Network, while affiliates gain easy access to your new programmes and brands.

Mobile Marketing

Following an audit of operators’ marketing goals, Income Access’ mobile marketing services develop and implement a customised mobile marketing strategy. Implementation includes mobile advertising campaigns and the creation of a mobile-focused CRM strategy to engage with existing customers.

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