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Income Access’ Pay Per Click (PPC) Services are a powerful set of digital marketing tools and solutions. They make use of targeted optimisation practices to ensure that your needs are met. PPC Services provides the resources to produce advanced campaign strategies, boost search rankings and calculate exact ROI statements based on your most profitable keywords.

Key Benefits of PPC Services

Employing enhanced analytical tracking and reporting capabilities, Income Access’ PPC Management Services provide:

  • Keyword, long-tail keyword and phrase optimisation
  • Cost-effective, analytics-driven PPC strategies
  • Improved ad placement
  • Wider target audience reach
  • Actionable, ROI-boosting recommendations
  • Increased reach through proper, efficient user targeting
  • Relevant, active online presence through managed, ongoing PPC campaigns

Key features of PPC Services

To maximise ROI potential, Income Access’ PPC Services make the most effective use of each advertising campaign segment in order to drive success. The tools used to carry out this analysis include:

Keyword Optimisation
Keywords are chosen based on their relevance to your products and services, as well as the search terms of your target audience.
Ad Copy Creation
Income Access’ professional copywriters create text ads, while our expert graphic designers create rich content ads.
Landing Page Creation & Optimisation
Creation and optimisation of landing pages ensure that visitors are directed to the appropriate site page. As a result, your Quality Score will increase.
Intelligent Remarketing
These techniques involve creating dedicated campaigns for users who previously visited your site and left without taking action.
Mobile Advertising
Depending on your campaign objectives, visitors can be targeted by computers, smart-phones and tablets, all with mobile-optimised converting features.
Conversions Tracking and Optimisation
Expert creation, analysis and optimisation of conversion funnels through ads, will encourage higher visitor conversions such as purchases and leads generation.


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