Industry Overview

  • What is Affiliate Marketing

    What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

    Affiliate marketing is a partnership between an operator and a network of affiliates, where the affiliate promotes an operator with a banner, link or other marketing creative on their website and earns a commission from resulting depositing/active players.

    At Income Access, we have partnered with the leading affiliate programs in the iGaming industry, and affiliates can promote bingo, casino, poker, soft games, sportsbook and mobile programs via our white label partners and network clients. iGaming operators, in turn, are aligned with over 22,000 affiliates in our network to create mutually successful affiliate marketing partnerships.

  • Affiliate Benefits

    Affiliate Benefits

    Working with leading brands in the entertainment and leisure sector, Income Access offers affiliates a personalized service and the ability for iGaming affiliates to make money by sending qualified traffic to Poker, Bingo, Casino, Sportsbook, Mobile, and other Soft Game gaming sites.

    With a network of over 22,000 gaming affiliates and over half a decade of service, the Income Access team has built a reputation as a powerful network, committed to leveraging its relationships to help affiliates reach financial freedom, professional independence and life goals.

    Working closely with our affiliates, the affiliate management team is available to give them the support they need to maximize conversions.

    Sign up for Income Access’ iGaming affiliate programs today and you get:

    • Competitive CPA, revenue share, referral commissions and bonus commissions, paid in a timely manner.
    • Access to a wide variety of iGaming affiliate programs to promote.
    • Affiliate marketing software with unparalleled depth of stats and reporting to help you track your successes, identify your top players, and optimize your site performance. Incentives and rewards, such as cash bonuses, prize draws and contests.
    • Tips, guidance, and dedicated attention from our expert affiliate managers.
    • Marketing tools, such as banners, Flash, text links, data feeds, geo-targeting, email reporting, special landing pages, and newsletter templates.
    • Affiliate Tracking Transparency in our affiliate tracking and reporting software.

    Our iGaming Affiliates

    Creative and proactive affiliates benefit from support from our affiliate managers who specialize in aligning affiliates with the right gaming clients and white label partners, assisting affiliates to get some of the most lucrative commission structures in the industry and maximize conversions through their promotional methods. Learn about the igaming affiliates we work with, and how different types of online promotional techniques assist affiliates in making money through the Income Access Affiliate Network.

    Affiliate Marketing Software

    Developed entirely in house, the Income Access affiliate software is a powerful and completely transparent tool designed specifically for the iGaming affiliate. The software is upgraded regularly, and a complete list of software functionality can be found in the features section. You can also visit our Software section to learn all about affiliate tracking transparency in the Income Access Network.

    iGaming Affiliate Programs

    Income Access promotes a variety of affiliate gaming programs across a range of gaming verticals. At Income Access, we’ve teamed up with some of the world’s leading pokercasinobingosportsbookmobile, and softgame operators. Our affiliate managers specialize in aligning affiliates with the right gaming clients and white label partners, helping them get some of the most lucrative commission structures in the industry.

    For more information, please consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ.)

    For a breakdown of our affiliate gaming program verticals, select one of the following options: Bingo, Casino, Poker, Soft Games, Sportsbook.

    For more specific information, please consult our complete list of iGaming affiliate programs, or online gambling operators.

  • iGaming Affiliate Types

    iGaming Affiliate Types

    In the early days of affiliate marketing, the concept was very simple. A webmaster could advertise products that would appeal to the audience of his or her site and earn commission from any sales they generated. For example, a person with a website all about casinos might become an affiliate of Ladbrokes and advertise banners about that casino’s offerings on their site.

    Nowadays, affiliate marketing has become a much more lucrative field and many online marketers use affiliate programs to generate six-figure incomes by capitalizing on their skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), direct marketing and general marketing know-how.

    iGaming affiliate marketing has now grown to include: SEO affiliates, PPC affiliates, bonus affiliates, loyalty affiliates, rakeback affiliates, community affiliates, blogging affiliates, mobile affiliates, social network affiliates — and still more affiliates who generate traffic through desktop widgets, email marketing and incentivized traffic.

    Consult the menu below for in-depth information about the most popular types of iGaming affiliate marketingavailable today:

    1. SEO Affiliates

    SEO is the practice of optimizing the code and content of a website and building inbound links to improve the site’s ranking for specific keywords on search engines. An SEO affiliate would build a site with specific casino content to drive traffic to the casino’s site. Whereas a basic affiliate would earn commission based on casino-themed banners on his or her site, an SEO affiliate earns commissions based on casino-themed content. These affiliates understand that fresh, relevant content is the key to favorable placement in the search engines.

    Benefit of SEO: The benefits of using SEO to attract visitors to your site include (a) it doesn’t cost the affiliate anything to optimize his/her website (b) these affiliates may not have to spend as much on paid advertising (c) an improved online presence and (d) increased reputation.

    2. PPC Affiliates

    Pay Per Click, or PPC, has become a very lucrative means of generating revenue through affiliate programs. Basically, PPC advertising is a form of paid advertising where ads are displayed above and to the side of organic search results for certain keywords, and the advertiser pays every time an add is clicked. Managing such a marketing campaign can be very complex as keywords, bids, click-through rates and other factors need to be very closely monitored to control spend and maximize Return On Investment (ROI). This has become a very lucrative channel for affiliates to make money.

    Benefit of PPC: The benefits of using PPC in your affiliate marketing include (a) being able to control your budget (b) the ability to target a specific market (c) it can be easily tracked and (d) brand awareness.

    3. Bonus Affiliates

    Other affiliates take advantage of the commissions they are paid on sales to offer rebates or gifts to their customers. These incentivized sites build good brand loyalty and capitalize on the online shoppers’ quest for a bargain. In the case of a Bonus site, players are given gifts, in addition to any gaming winnings.

    Benefit of Bonus Sites: Big benefits of bonus sites are (a) existing customer loyalty; players are getting something above and beyond their winnings at the casino or poker room, and have reason to stick with them and (b) attracting new customers, who have the potential of becoming loyal customers.

    4. Loyalty Affiliates

    Loyalty Affiliates are generally given some sort of incentive to entice their traffic to remain loyal. Incentivization, however, is not necessarily limited to giving players more money to play with. Those who choose to pursue incentivization can also do so through other means, such as delivery of exclusive interactive content, player tourneys, and prize giveaways, which entire communities can be based on. Players who like to interact with others will keep coming back, reinforcing a connection with the affiliate’s website and exposing them to new brands that the affiliate promotes.

    Benefit of Loyalty Affiliates: If you can build up enough of a rapport with the players who visit your site, they may take your subsequent recommendations for new sites to try, signing up through your affiliate links! The benefit here is clearly an opportunity for you to increase your earnings.

    5. Rakeback

    Rake is a set percentage of every pot that the House, or online poker site, takes as a commission; it’s how they make their money. Rakeback is a strategy that’s especially popular among poker affiliates. It consists of giving players back a percentage of the rake.

    Benefit of Rakeback: Nobody likes to lose, especially when it comes to money. Rakeback offers players a “condolence prize” or, in this case, a small return on the money they lost, in the hopes of increasing player loyalty. Many consider the benefits of rakeback to include (a) repeat play (b) higher commissions and (c) it gives players the sense that they are part of a members-only club.

    6. Community Affiliates (Forums)

    Community affiliates are those who use social tactics to engage players and drive traffic to a given program or product. Chat rooms or online forums are one of the most common places community affiliates promote online casinos to players. In the iGaming industry, these online forums have become widely known as player forums, because they cater to gaming players.

    Benefit of Community Affiliates: Clear benefits of maintaining a chat room or online forum that caters to gaming players, are (a) building a relationship with users in the community, which leaves users with a sense of loyalty and(b) exciting players to come back to your site because they are genuinely interested in the content, discussions with peers etc. In the case of (a) or (b) the benefit for the Community Affiliate is that the players that they attract will stick with them, and keep on playing.

    7. Blog Affiliates

    Blog Affiliates are similar to Community Affiliates in the sense that the comment areas on blogs give players a place to express themselves and interact with each other. As with a forum, content is key to becoming a successful Blog Affiliate, and attracting readers that keep coming back for more.

    Benefit of Blog Affiliate Marketing: Much like the Community Affiliate, the benefit for the Blog Affiliate is (a) being able to create a relationship with a reader and then (b) having the opportunity to turn those readers into consumers by tastefully incorporating a brand name or link to a product or service that they think is cool, different or resourceful.

    8. Mobile Affiliates

    Mobile affiliate marketing is an emerging promotion method with potential. Cell phone use has expanded to include pictures, music, detailed agendas and even the ability to place online bets. Research shows that bets placed over mobile phones will rise from under $2bn currently to $23bn by 2011.

    Benefit of Mobile Affiliate Marketing: Definite advantages of getting into mobile affiliate marketing are (a) having the ability to reach a large audience — on the go and (b) leveraging that mobile accessibility to earn more revenue.

    9. Social Networking Affiliates

    One of the fastest growing tactics in online marketing is social media marketing. Social media marketing is about creating interactive user experiences.

    Benefit of Social Media Marketing: Like bloggers and forum-ers, social media affiliates are creating an environment that allows users to interact with one another. This can be beneficial to the affiliate because (a) users feel more like they’re getting something and (b) users feel less like something is being asked of them.

    10. Desktop Widgets

    Desktop widgets are virtual tools that provide users with useful information, and provide applications that are available for download.

    Benefit of Using Desktop Widgets: The great thing about desktop widgets is that (a) they engage players even when they are not on your site (b) attract new players and (c) provide real-time updates on player promotions, and the like.

    11. Email Marketing

    An electronic newsletter is one of the oldest and most proven ways to reach out to your users, and remains an effective medium for reminding users that you still exist. Like the blog or the forum, content still remains key. As such, targeting your newsletter to specific markets (poker, casino, etc.) is important because you can fill your newsletter with relevant information, special promotions — and basically stuff that tells them why they should take the time to read your newsletter.

    Benefit of Email Marketing: A big benefit of sending out a newsletter, that is well targeted of course, is that you can (a) give your readers the sense that they are part of a special community, and (b) eventually gain your readers’ trust. Both of these elements should help you increase your bottom line.

    12. Incentivized Traffic

    One way gaming affiliates, especially poker affiliates, try to increase player loyalty, and hence their bottom line, is by offering players cash back (like in rakeback), but also other incentives like prizes, exclusive interactive content and player tourneys. Like rakeback, it’s pretty controversial, and remains prohibited in many affiliate programs.

    Benefit to Incentivize Traffic: The perception is that offering something to players translates to (a) repeat play (b) higher commissions (c) player loyalty (d) community loyalty and (e) helping the player feel like s/he’s has the privileges of a members-only club.

  • Lottery Programs

    Lottery Programs

    How Income Access Can Support Your Online Lottery Program

    Income Access partners with state lotteries which are now providing online games, such as poker, bingo, casino, slots and various lotto entertainment. When you manage your online lottery program with the Income Access affiliate marketing software, you benefit from:

    • Statistics on your marketing campaigns
    • Tracking and reporting on your affiliate channel
    • Data on your offline partners sending traffic to your online lottery program
    • Software tools that help you manage your online business
    • Communication tools to manage your affiliate relationships

    Your Complete Online Lottery Management Solution

    Creating successful marketing campaigns that are targeted towards growth is based on the ease with which you can leverage analytical information, and turn statistics into strategic business decisions.  With the Income Access solution, you can manage all your online lottery marketing campaigns, identify your best performing affiliate, offline partner, website, banner or promotional offer in just a matter of clicks.

    Measurability = Profitability in Online Lottery Industry

    Programs offering online lottery games may partner with a network of online lottery affiliates and offline agents such as coffee shops, hotels and bars to maximize traffic being sent to their online portal. The Income Access software allows online lottery programs to track and measure the effectiveness of each of their acquisition channels to see which is providing the greatest ROI.

    Partnering with Lottery Affiliates

    When it comes to driving increased traffic to your online lottery site, working with a base of affiliates can be a successful and cost-effective way to reach your target market and increase your bottom line. A lottery affiliate promotes your games, and earns a commission when they refer lottery players to your site. Your software then gives you a complete overview of how your affiliate channel is performing, providing you with complete transparency and valuable metrics.

    Tracking Lottery Marketing Strategies

    In addition to your online lottery affiliates and offline agents, you may also choose to increase traffic to your online lottery program by advertising and creating lotto marketing campaigns. Whether you approach this through traditional media, such as television and print, or via online marketing such as PPC, email campaigns, SEO and social media etc., software tracking lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your overall marketing strategy.

  • PPC Management for iGaming Affiliates

    PPC Management

    PPC Management for iGaming Affiliates

    The Income Access Agency is a business development service specialized in providing iGaming PPC Management for Affiliates. By joining the Income Access Agency, you’ll receive a customized campaign developed exclusively for your individual business project. Income Access’ iGaming PPC Management team will work with you to ensure that each paid search marketing campaign is set up and earning as soon as possible. In addition we are in a position to provide you with the latest developments in the iGaming paid search industry and offer you access to the latest ad campaign management tools.

    Most companies find it more cost-effective to outsource their paid search marketing campaigns than take up valuable company time deciphering the various pay-per-click engines and spending large amounts of employee hours managing the campaigns. Outsourcing is less expensive and provides better results, since expert campaign managers are handling your accounts. Paid Search Marketing Services are an easy, fast, and cost-effective way to increase targeted, qualified traffic to your site. At Income Access, our Adwords management team specializes in PPC for iGaming.

    Affiliate Benefits

    Having your campaign built by one of our Adwords management specialists means that you’re much more likely to meet the objectives of your Adwords campaign; you’ll start with a campaign that is built around your needs and then is successfully optimized to deliver customers in a cost-effective manner.

    Your campaign will be built according to your individual budgets and business objectives, be this increasing your online profile by driving traffic to your website, or developing a more complex marketing strategy such as increasing sales of specific products or entering a new market.

    Here are some additional benefits to working with Income Access’ iGaming PPC management specialists:

    • Income Access connects affiliates with high converting merchants and provides the guidelines for promoting their affiliate programs through PPC.
    • Income Access has a team of Adwords certified experts who provide strategic advice for your campaigns.
    • Income Access is the only iGaming Affiliate software platform to offer PPC tools and tracking that create transparency and allow affiliates measure their ROI at a keyword level.
    • The Income Access team sends a weekly newsletter to affiliates packed with advice, relevant news, new affiliate opportunities and hints for maximizing PPC efforts.
    • Unlike organic rankings which can take a few weeks or even months to show results, PPC generates traffic as soon as your campaign starts.
    • You only pay when your ad is clicked – regardless of how many times it is displayed.
    • Set budgets on keywords and campaigns to control your spend.
    • Income access specializes in Adwords management for the iGaming industry, so you can rest assured you’re getting management that’s specific to your affiliate niche.

    Working with Income Access – How the iGaming PPC management Process works

    Step 1: Set up an Account with the Income Access Agency

    Becoming a client of the Income Access Agency is easy. We will fast-track the creation and setup of your Google Adwords PPC account on your behalf. This is a benefit exclusive to Income Access Agency clients. We will then help you to determine a monthly budget chosen from one of the available payment options. Remember, you will always have complete access to your account to view your spend, results and campaigns.

    Step 2: Get your Site Approved by Google

    Before your campaigns can go live, your site must be approved by Google. Income Access Agency clients get front-of-the-line attention, ensuring that the approval process goes quickly. To help speed up this process, make sure that you are promoting white-listed gaming sites, have no pop-ups on your landing page and have a link on your site to GamCare, Gambling Aware or some other resource for individuals with gambling addictions.

    Step 3: Your Customized PPC Campaigns

    Certified Google Adwords specialists will work with you to create a customized PPC campaign based on your needs and budget. You will receive a comprehensive plan, including (but not limited to): Search terms which will trigger your ads, advertising copy to promote your business, suggested prices in order to maximize ROI and the quality of your campaigns.

    Step 4: On-going monitoring and optimization

    We will continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns in a constant effort to improve their performance and quality score. We will make changes to keywords, ad copy, landing pages and costs as needed to maximize your ROI .

  • Affiliate PPC Tracking & Reporting

    Affiliate PPC Tracking & Reporting

    Income Access offers affiliate PPC tracking systems and PPC reporting tools that can help manage and monitor your Adwords campaigns with each of the Income Access clients that you promote. These affiliate custom tracking tools have been built to provide you with a way to cultivate the best quality and best converting traffic, and allow you to calculate your overall return on investment (ROI) from your advertising campaign.

    You will also have total control over how much you pay for your visitors, and who visits your site. If something isn’t working, you can stop it immediately, and if something is very successful, you can do more of it.

    Income Access is able to provide this information through a unique tracking system called “affiliate custom tracking.” This tool allows bridge the gap between their website analytics and affiliate reporting through a combination of specialized tracking and PPC integrated reporting.

    Using the unique affiliate custom tracking, Income Access allows you to see your real ROI. You can identify which keywords are delivering real depositing players, how much commission you generate through your PPC campaigns and which search terms are the most profitable.

    For more information, visit our section about affiliate custom tracking.

    Affiliate Custom Tracking

    The Affiliate Custom Tracking allows affiliates to incorporate keyword tracking into their tracking links. For more information about how our tacking works visit affiliate tracking transparency.

    From the earnings report, affiliates can analyze how different marketing tools convert for the keywords they are using. The affiliate custom tracking tool can be set up and configured for measuring performance on different sites, which is excellent for A/B testing.

    View your affiliate custom tracking against the players that you refer through your keywords. This is invaluable tool exclusive is to Income Access and allows you to access the relative quality of your keywords against the earning potential of your referred players.

  • Benchmarking Reports

    Benchmarking Reports

    Income Access’ innovative Benchmarking Reports offer a concise, one-glance overview of where an affiliate programme stands in relation to its competitors. This innovative document provides insight on key performance marketing programme metrics and performance trends across verticals and markets. The report also measures and scores the performance of new player acquisitions, retained player value, creative campaign effectiveness, and the profitability of affiliate deals.

    Key Benefits

    Income Access’ Benchmarking Reports provide:

    • Insight into the programme’s performance and trends
    • Understanding of potential gaps and opportunities for improvement
    • Understanding of existing affiliate deals, and validating the most profitable and cost-effective affiliate agreement
    • Comparison of industry best practices
    • Comparison against competitor programmes

    Key Features

    Income Access’ Benchmarking Reports focus on three key areas:

    • Industry Overview
      This feature outlines the most important news, events, developments, and trends in the iGaming industry. Included in the overview are details on top news, the latest gaming regulations, emerging markets, recent conferences, and iGaming trends are included.
    • Benchmarking Results
      Illustrate the benchmarking group average as well as individual results in each of an affiliate programme’s key metrics. The results of these metrics are presented per month, per quarter, and are measured against the results of the previous year.
    • Affiliate Survey/Polls
      Income Access conducts affiliate surveys and polls quarterly (and compiles annually). These statistics incorporate all affiliates and strategies (email marketing, reviews, blogs, comparison sites, forums, and PPC), and collects quantitative and qualitative feedback regarding programmes (including products, campaigns, promotions, creative, conversion, etc). The accrued results reveal overall industry trends and illustrate how affiliates rank a programme, compared to the competition in specific niches.

  • Traffic Optimisation

    Traffic Optimisation

    Income Access’ Traffic Optimisation delivers vital traffic and ROI statistics in one convenient, easy-to-use system, providing greater control of online ads and transparency to integrated marketing approaches. With targeted, optimised ads, a player’s commission route is clearly displayed. It can then be associated with deposit data, giving insight into the most profitable acquisition and retention strategies.

    Key Benefits

    Traffic Optimisation is focused on improving efficiency and creative performance. The service provides:

    • A superior, streamlined creative process
    • Simple and convenient interface
    • Banner and marketing material creation, directly from inside the system
    • The ability for affiliates and operators to design together; sharing and collaborating on materials in unison
    • Greater admin control; to choose where, when, and how creatives are displayed
    • ROI statistics on all creative assets created within the system

    Key Features

    Income Access’ Traffic Optimisation focuses on four key areas:

    • Attribution
      Attribution allows a marketing partner to understand the conversion path touch points of an acquired player. By using identifying factors such as first and last click and acquisition channel, the player’s complete journey towards conversion is illustrated.
    • Campaign Creation and Management
      The creation and management of advertising campaigns is integral to the implementation of any successful marketing strategy. Traffic Optimisation enables the organization and management of creative materials (including video) through an extensive media library.
    • Optimisation
      Optimising ads gives operators the ability to actively target and retarget what is shown to a player, improving conversions. This feature automatically displays banners/creative based on geotargeting, previous browsing history, browser settings, time-of-day, and the popularity/effectiveness of an advertisement.
    • Partner and Admin Banner Creation
      With this feature, both operators and affiliates are able to design and create dynamic marketing materials while logged in to the system. Admins can create banners, and choose when, where, and how they will display.
    • Infrastructure Enhancements – Increased Bandwidth
      To accompany the build-out of the Traffic Optimisation tool, an increased amount of bandwidth for marketing materials and campaigns will be made available. This feature allows businesses to keep track of their ongoing usage.